Protect Your Edges!

Cushioned Safety Products for Fifth Wheels, Motor Homes and Travel Trailers.

RV-Safe Zone manufactures cushions to securely fit and cover the sharp edges of fifth wheel pin boxes and RV room slide-outs to prevent accidental collision and head injuries.

If you own a fifth wheel, motor home, or travel trailer, then affordable RV protective covers will make the camping environment safer. Accidental impact with sharp edges of pin boxes and corners of RV room slide outs can lead to serious injury and ruin a vacation!

RV-Safe Zone Fifth Wheel Pin Box Cushions are designed to cover the sharp edges of pin boxes and surround the underlying king pin. Anytime fifth wheels are disengaged, there’s a chance for collision! Make a smart choice to create a safer camping environment by using RV-Safe Zone 5th Wheel Pin Box Cushioned Protectors!

“Don’t collide with the bedroom slide!” Our RV SlideGuards are called “corner cushions”, “corner protectors”, or “corner bumpers.” Whatever the name, RV SlideGuards are designed to bend around the corners of RV room slide outs to provide maximum protection against accidental impact!

RV-Safe Zone products are lightweight, flexible, and chemically resistant with non-water absorbent properties that make them ideal for outdoor safety and camping activities. RV-Safe Zone products will provide years of durable protection for your camping adventures!